Modular Jack

Modular Jack is a modular phone connector or telephone plug is used to connect a wire & modular phone jack to outer telephone wiring that is located inside panels or within a computer program. Modular plug connector and modular phone jack once connected they will allow a telephone connection to function with an outside... Read More

Modular Jack Side Entry Mini Low Profile With Flanged

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Spectra 5144-NSG Socket With Knotch (Grey)
Spectra 5144-NSG Socket With Knotch...
Spectra 5162-NSG Socket With Knotch (Grey)
Spectra 5162-NSG Socket With Knotch...
Spectra 5164-NSG Socket With Knotch (Grey)
Spectra 5164-NSG Socket With Knotch...
Spectra 5166-NSG Socket With Knotch (Grey)
Spectra 5166-NSG Socket With Knotch...